Naturegate for Tourism and Ecological Project

Rohanou Beach Resort and Ecolodge



Naturegate for Tourism and Ecological Project (Owner Of Rohanou Resort) , Is a dully registered, privately owned Egyptian company. Formed under investment act “8” (1519/2003), commercial registration #15468 (Investment office, Asyut).
Tax card number 208-388-915

Plot number 24S, Elzoreab Area (we are in the second best diving spot in the red sea with outstanding in houe coral reefs)
Building license 453/2004, Shore line (sea side) 189 meters, gate side 67 meters, right and left sides 220 meters/side.

• Seasonal temperature is 4 degrees cooler than Hurghada

Our mission

is to promote and develop ecotourism projects with deep commitment to preserving sites’s natural beauty and local cultural traditions.





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