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Sabrina Kelm recommends Rohanou Beach Resort.
October 23, 2019 ·

super Personal sehr freundlich .
die Zimmer alle sauber wie das gesamte Hotel!
das essen ist in Ordnung…
immer wieder gern

Sev Geisler recommends Rohanou Beach Resort.
March 22 ·

Sehr kleines, schönes Taucherhotel ohne Animation und ohne Nachbarn.
Einkaufsmöglichkeiten begrenzen sich auf 2-3 Hotelshops.
Tauchbasis (mit Steg und wahnsinnig schönem Hausriff) ist Top!

Shi La reviewed Rohanou Beach Resort — 5 star
July 28, 2018 ·

If you want to find a spot to escape from a fast and loud city life – this is the place to be!!!

Upon arrival I felt warmly welcomed. The room was clean and had everything I wished for incl. ocean view. Even the bed was very comfortable.

The Restaurant is of excellent service. The staff even remember the drinks you prefer. The food is incredibly good and very varied. The staff at the pool bar is always good for a good joke – by the way… I had the best whiskey sour ever!!!
The Spa…is the bomb! The masseur owns magic hands you’ll find nowhere else. I always left that place feeling calm and more than relaxed combined with a pleasant smell of sandle wood. My back (i work at the office) feels brand new!

The beach has its own house reef (imagine that!). Very beautiful! The underwater world is the most impressive i’ve seen so far. I snorkled with a huge turtle early in the morning and even dolphins came by to say hi!

I was called crazy from a few people back home since I am a woman and decided to travel alone to Egypt. I have to say it out loud – I felt very protected at any time. Let me give an example… on excursion some random guys came up and called me “Schatzi” …the tour guides said something to them (I dont know what they said, since I dont unterstand the language) but…I’ve been left alone immediately.

But still, at all times, I never felt lonely- except of I wanted to be left alone.

After all…I am more than thankful for a wonderful vacation and I will be back for sure!

…I love you all!!!

Nora Kowalski

reviewed Rohanou Beach Resort — 5 star
May 19, 2018 ·

I spent a week at Rohanou Beach and it was everything I hoped for. The goal of this little getaway was to decelerate for the big city life and that’s exactly what I was able to do.

Upon arriving, my room wasn’t ready (the hotel was overbooked due to a strike of airlines…) and I was offered the royal suite for one night. The next day I was moved to a standard single room and it was more than fine. They even offered me to move to the room opposite of mine because it offered a sea view, but it really didn’t matter since I hardly spent any time in the room anyway. The room was neat and clean, TV was working but not much used.

The staff incredibly friendly and always ready for a joke. They remember your name and often also your preferred drink. They all work very hard and continuously. The Life Guard Monsour is doing different activities with the guests like snorkelling in the morning and afternoon, water gymnastics, volleyball. If it’s too windy, he might come up with something else. We went for a walk on the beach and the found a small spot where you could enter the water directly from the beach! 🙂 While snorkelling he always checked if you were alright. He and the pool boys would also play some water ball with the kids. Otherwise no animation, very calm and no big tamtam all day – perfect for relaxing!

The food was incredibly good. You would always find something you like. Different dishes are available on request.

Although I travelled alone, I never felt lonely! The guests are usually very open and laid back. Met a bunch of very nice people, some of them travelling as group/couple, some of them alone. We all had a good time together or alone – as we wished. Generally very pleasant guest, none of the guests stood out in an unpleasant way – very likeable! What I also like (and without sounding mean!) there were very little kids which I prefer.

All in all the perfect vacation if you want to get away for some days and are looking for a good value for little money. If you are looking for a small place with some activities but the otherwise calm atmosphere, this is your place! If you want to party or drink all night or need a lot of activities, this is not our place!

Thank you Rohanou for this amazing time! I can’t wait to return very soon!