Rohanou Boutique Beach Resort & EcolodgeRohanou Boutique Beach Resort & Ecolodge
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About Us



Rohanou legendary boutique resort and Ecolodge, comprises a series of intimate terraced and domed buildings with superior and deluxr room, and suites. The resort spreads along 100.000 Square meters of sandy and rocky land 8 meter above sea level, offering spectacular views and dipping dramatically into the sparkling blue-tur­quoise Red Sea. The location avails some of the Red Sea best snorkeling and diving, ,..hie ts Ecolodge is mother earth friendly while our spa is very relaxing



The name Rohanou is inspired by the geographic location, and significant historical reference to the old Egyptian name of the old caravan route between Luxor and Quseir, from the Nile River to the Red Sea,

The Pharaohs traveled on Rohanou to go to the port of Quseir, the oldest port on the Red Sea and sailed to India and other countries.

Rohanou is the perfect blend between ancient Egyptian cultural and the natural beauty. Its buildings enhance the site’s natural beauty.

Sea life

Visit a marine coral paradise, a great holiday spot on the Egyptian Red Sea Coast that houses abundant coral gardens offshore from the pristine white beaches of this Red Sea shore. Lovers of nature, both young and old, will discover a host of land and sea adventures. To enjoy coral sea life  equip yourself with a diving gear and swim on the surface and then dive to the bottom of the beautiful coral garden to view a plethora of marine creatures. Rohanou’s coral gardens are one of the best diving spots in the Red Sea if not in the entire world. They contain an abundance of natural reef formations. Rohanou coral gardens are ideal for snorkeling on the surface or diving close to the seabed. The pristine seabed allows clear viewing of underwater creatures either buried inside the coral reefs or darting from one end of the seabed to the other.

We are observing the environment and offer untouchable and virgin beaches with crystal clear water, we have beach volley ball and five beach seating areas.

You can select from chaise-lounges, hammocks, and soft seats.
Also you can enjoy beach massage and face printing.


Overlooking Alzoreab Alkabeer bay, it is 35 minutes from Marsa Alam airport and 15 minutes from Quseir City.


Climate: Dry in both the summer and winter. Average temperatures are around 27 degrees C In a hot summer it can go up to 38C. Seasonal temperature is 4 degrees cooler than Hurghada